We are pleased to be setting up this shop and finding items for it that fit in with a Celebrating the Ordinary way of life - the enjoyment  simple, common, everyday things. A way of life that’s far from glitz and glam, not constantly in search of the next big thing.

The caps and T-shirts are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain - all cotton and washable - hand wash in cold water. For maximum protection,  the bills on the caps face forward.

The Dull Men’s Club exists mostly in cyberspace. In this ever-changing environment, the largest amount of activity at the present time is on our Facebook Group. The group is linked to a Facebook Page. We also are on  Twitter, and Instagram. And a website, dullmensclub.com. The website is being renovated. The new one, using a “magazine template’, will be up and running shortly.

Comments, suggestions, questions will be welcomed. Please email to hello@dullmensclub.co.uk